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GDPR compliance checklist
23rd April 2018

Seven simple steps to GDPR compliance

As the GDPR compliance deadline looms ever closer, everyone seems to be asking the same question – is your business fully prepared for the new regulations? We can’t lie, the time to get organised is slowly runnin...
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Re-permissioning - GDPR
22nd March 2018

GDPR – What you need to know about re-permissioning

If you collect, store or use client and customer data, you’ll have heard of re-permissioning already. In fact, with the GDPR coming into force this May, getting your head around re-permission and what it entails should...
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13th March 2018

The Importance of a One Brand, Omni-channel Strategy

Retail has always been seen as a chameleon of sorts. Forever rearranging it’s appearance to keep up with the ebb and flow of change. And right now, the trends have all retailers on their toes once again, as rumours sug...
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digital style
1st March 2018

Digital Style Event

The industry we’re part of is one that is always evolving. Fashion and retail brands need to move with the times to remain seen, and can no longer simply just sell their products. With the ever-advancing digital possib...
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GDPR - Email Consent
12th February 2018

GDPR – Proof Of Consent

With the upcoming GDPR high on our radar at the moment, we came across a post on LinkedIn about a well-known confectionary brand sending out an email to its customers about the GDPR, and how it would change the way they ...
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Christmas Sale 2017
6th February 2018

Pimble helps transform sales and conversion over Christmas

Christmas Day 2016 was a frustrating day for one of our retail clients. What was expected to be one of their busiest days for online purchases, with their sale starting, instead highlighted some major issues that affecte...
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2018 Fresh Perspective
4th January 2018

New year, new you! But how about a fresh approach to your digital too

The arrival of a new year always feels like the perfect time to make a fresh start doesn’t it? Whether that’s a healthier lifestyle, or getting involved with a new hobby. It’s time to explore new opportunities and ...
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GDPR opportunity
1st November 2017

GDPR – Are you ready for new opportunities?

The GDPR changes are on their way, with the deadline for compliance being May 2018. And while the thought of getting compliant in that time may be daunting, especially with the added pressure of peak just on the horizon,...
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GDPR personal data
31st October 2017

GDPR – A necessary change, or a nightmare waiting to happen?

In May 2018 the biggest change to data protection regulations is coming into force. Anyone involved in collecting, using or moving personal data will be effected, including frontline staff, marketing and even HR. In line...
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GDPR compliance
23rd October 2017

GDPR – A story of passion and windmills…

In 2011, J. Choo Limited was holding its annual company meeting. It had been an intense year of global transformation for the industry and not all fashion brands had faired well. As the meeting unfolded it was clear that...
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Email testing. How would you score
1st October 2017

Email testing – How would you score?

There is absolutely no doubt that email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers. It’s great for driving traffic to your website and increasing revenue. But it can also be a challenge. In to...
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