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GDPR – What you need to know about re-permissioning

Re-permissioning - GDPR

If you collect, store or use client and customer data, you’ll have heard of re-permissioning already. In fact, with the GDPR coming into force this May, getting your head around re-permission and what it entails should be a priority. But if you’re struggling to get your head around it, we can help…   What does… Read more »

GDPR – Proof Of Consent

GDPR - Email Consent

With the upcoming GDPR high on our radar at the moment, we came across a post on LinkedIn about a well-known confectionary brand sending out an email to its customers about the GDPR, and how it would change the way they made contact. And it got us thinking. Just how are companies approaching GDPR with… Read more »

GDPR – Are you ready for new opportunities?

GDPR opportunity

The GDPR changes are on their way, with the deadline for compliance being May 2018. And while the thought of getting compliant in that time may be daunting, especially with the added pressure of peak just on the horizon, the GDPR could actually be an amazing opportunity for your business. When the GDPR comes into… Read more »

GDPR – A necessary change, or a nightmare waiting to happen?

GDPR personal data

In May 2018 the biggest change to data protection regulations is coming into force. Anyone involved in collecting, using or moving personal data will be effected, including frontline staff, marketing and even HR. In line with the changes there’s the possibility of large fines for non-compliance, but more importantly, the new rules allow your customers… Read more »

GDPR – A story of passion and windmills…

GDPR compliance

In 2011, J. Choo Limited was holding its annual company meeting. It had been an intense year of global transformation for the industry and not all fashion brands had faired well. As the meeting unfolded it was clear that Jimmy Choo, unlike the others, had come out of the year in a strong position, expanding… Read more »