The Pimble Guide to Surviving Black Friday

So you’ve got your killer Black Friday campaign sorted. That eye-catching creative content is prepped and ready, and you have every customer list, email headline and sending schedule planned to perfection – but have you thought about what might happen once your Christmas campaign hits?


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being two of the most anticipated days in ecommerce, when literally millions of customers take to the internet, it pays to have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. So we’ve put together a few reminders to help you make it through Black Friday in one piece.


Plan everything!

The likelihood is that your Christmas Campaign has been strategically planned to within an inch of its life and that’s great. Just make sure that everyone knows the plan – what’s going out when and, more importantly, what the expected outcomes are so you can predict any glitches or problems before they have a chance to happen.


Ensure every step is seamless

A lengthy purchase process, links that don’t go where they should, or a disjointed journey through checkout will only add to the likelihood that your customer will abandon. So make sure every step of the customer journey is user friendly, easy to complete and super quick.


Make those big sellers obvious

There are always those products that are expected to do well when it comes to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Know what they are in advance and make sure their placement is obvious, both within your email marketing campaign and on your website. That way you’ll customers will find them easily and be able to make their purchase hassle-free.


Deliver across all customer channels

If your customers can connect with you and your products seamlessly across a number of channels then you’ll not only make sales, you’ll build customer loyalty and encourage further sales long after the craziness of Black Friday has subsided. Just make sure all these touch points are consistent in their approach, usability and experience.


Get ready to be nosey

In other words, get collecting that customer data. The useful data pouring in during this period is perfect to capture – whether you want to analyse the information for next seasons planning or create up to date statistics for blog posts and articles. Understanding how your customers react to your campaign and use your site, especially at busy times like this, can be priceless.


Be mobile friendly

Every year the number of purchases made on mobile devices continues to rise, so it’s definitely time to get mobile friendly. Make sure your mobile journey, like that on a desktop, is smooth and seamless. By avoiding any potential problems during the checkout process, you’ll hopefully avoid abandonment too.


Take action against abandonment

Black Friday means that inboxes will certainly be crowded with offers, deals and discounts – so if a customer finds a more tempting promotion they’re more likely to abandon their basket. Don’t miss out, instead ensure your campaign strategy includes ways to pull those ‘on the fence’ buyers back in. Reminder emails, time-sensitive offers, deals on delivery or returns  – anything to give them that extra push to purchase.


Prepare for every eventuality

Nobody wants, or expects, their system to go down, but just think if every one of your customers clicks on your deal or offer, would your technology cope? From discount codes, email servers, landing pages and (most importantly) your website – make sure you double check, test and back up everything. And if the worst should happen and you do experience a crash make sure you have an action plan in place to minimise disruption and have things up and running again as quickly as possible.