Pimble helps transform sales and conversion over Christmas

Christmas Day 2016 was a frustrating day for one of our retail clients. What was expected to be one of their busiest days for online purchases, with their sale starting, instead highlighted some major issues that affected the customer experience, and the revenue and conversion rates.

In the aftermath of the Christmas week, and in an attempt to avoid another disappointing sale period, the team at Pimble took a close look at just what led to the site going down at such a critical time. There were a few reasons why things went so wrong – including outdated code on the site and code that wasn’t optimised. But one of the key factors to their misfortune was that they chose to send out an email to over 100,000 customers in just one hit!

To avoid the same mistakes happening again, we worked closely with their development team to ensure the sites code was fully optimised. We also recommended that they look at segmenting the sending out of supporting email campaigns.

Fast-forward to Christmas Day 2017 – and the picture was a far rosier one. The site, now prepared and ready for the amount of visitors, meant that all products were available for customers wishing to view and make a purchase. By working with our experienced team, our client saw more than a 70% increase in revenue and over 14% increase in conversion rates.

Christmas Revenue 2016 vs 2017

A Christmas worth celebrating!