GDPR – Are you ready for new opportunities?

The GDPR changes are on their way, with the deadline for compliance being May 2018. And while the thought of getting compliant in that time may be daunting, especially with the added pressure of peak just on the horizon, the GDPR could actually be an amazing opportunity for your business.
When the GDPR comes into effect next year, it will mean stricter rules on how you collect, store, use and move customer data. And bringing your business in line with these new regulations will mean having to take a fresh look at how you approach this information. At Pimble, we really believe this a good thing.
Let us tell you why.
By taking charge of the information you gather and use, you can get to know your customers inside out. And having such an in depth knowledge puts you in a great position for the future.
We understand how the whole prospect of GDPR might leave you feeling anxious – mainly because we’ve been through this before. And our team are here and ready to offer their advice, whatever stage of compliance you have reached.
With 8 working weeks, post peak, to get your solution in place, our Pimble Connect team can help remove the complexity from your data collection and show you how to make the most of the information you hold and, essentially, get closer to your customers.
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