GDPR – A necessary change, or a nightmare waiting to happen?

In May 2018 the biggest change to data protection regulations is coming into force. Anyone involved in collecting, using or moving personal data will be effected, including frontline staff, marketing and even HR. In line with the changes there’s the possibility of large fines for non-compliance, but more importantly, the new rules allow your customers to make demands on you as to how their data is handled.
Wait, before you start to panic – you could look at it another way.
At Pimble, we believe that the GDPR can actually work FOR you, not against you. Because just by changing the way you approach data you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get closer to your customers.
Over the next 26 weeks we’ll be sharing some insights into getting your business ready for GDPR, as well as revealing some of our own strategies for making it work to your advantage.
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