Email testing – How would you score?

There is absolutely no doubt that email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers. It’s great for driving traffic to your website and increasing revenue. But it can also be a challenge.

In today’s fast paced world your email communication is competing with any number of other media messages – other emails, text messages, social media notifications, and so the list goes on. Consumers are fickle and if they aren’t interested in what you’ve got to say within the first couple of seconds of seeing it, then click, its gone.

Ok, ok, you know all this. You’ve already checked (and double checked) the copy, you’ve ensured the images are the perfect size and you’ve clicked on all those links to be 100% sure that they go to the right place.

But did you think about just how the email will be seen? And on what device?

At the end of September Apple released the iPhone 8, and being the gadget-loving office that we are, we embraced the new iPhone just as soon as we could. But we’ve found that, when it comes to sending communications, others haven’t. On more than a few occasions, we’ve opened an email on the new handset only to see the dreaded message, “This email cannot be displayed…”.

And click, deleted.

Missing the new releases is easily done – especially if you don’t have the technology on hand to test on. But we’re pretty sure we aren’t the only gadget enthusiasts upgrading to the iPhone 8 as soon as it came out. And with more and more consumers now exclusively reading their emails on their mobile, isn’t it time we started email testing across all the new devices as soon as possible? Just think, in a matter of a few seconds the sender of that email has lost potential traffic to their site and the revenue that might have brought in, all because the reader couldn’t engage – even if they had wanted to. And that lack of engagement can also damage their brand and the customer relationship they’ve worked so hard to build.