Pimble attend Digital Style conference

The industry we’re part of is one that is always evolving.

Fashion and retail brands need to move with the times to remain seen, and can no longer simply just sell their products. With the ever-advancing digital possibilities available to us, brands are now looking to create an ‘experience’ for their customers. And it was these experiences that were high on the agenda at the Digital Style event this January.

We love an opportunity to share ideas and solutions, so Pimble’s founder, and all round digital guru, Adi-Buer Puplampu hotfooted it down to the conference to find out first hand what’s new in digital, and how some of the well known brands are approaching the digital experience for their own customers.

The event, organised by Commerce Futures and held in London, gave attendees the chance to discuss both the challenges and the unique opportunities that Digital offers todays Fashion and Lifestyle brands.

Adi said the event was, “Definitely time well spent.” He went on to say, “You can’t ignore the importance of having a group of industry experts openly share each others Digital Journey.”

“Given the right subject matter, venue and mix of peers, such forums can produce profound revelations into what is possible. The Digital Style conference from Commerce Futures has been worth its weight in gold in that respect, as both Pimble and the clients we represent have gained some incredible contacts and invaluable insight into what is, and what isn’t, working within the Digital Commerce industry.”

You can find out more about Commerce Futures by clicking here.