Is your digital creativity being held back?

We love chatting with our clients, and one of the areas we often discuss is website flexibility. With today’s importance on providing a great customer experience, we always ask – does your site allow you to get your brands vision across by producing creative content quickly and easily? Because it is this kind of content that will affect the customer journey.


There are now so many different channels to encourage the customer to the site, but if you haven’t got the tools and vision to make the journey engaging, it’s easy to lose the customer before you even get them there.


Generally there are two types of customer – those who know exactly what they are looking for and have come to the site for a purpose, and those who need some inspiration. Both these types of customers need to be accommodated for. But focussing on those who need inspiration seems to be a challenge for a lot of retailers.


The biggest issues are:


CMS restrictions



Understanding the customer journey


Let’s look at CMS restrictions first, as this is generally the most daunting and frustrating area for retailers. You have a working e-commerce website – and lots of amazing creative ideas – but when you start creating engaging content, you find your CMS is letting you down and restricting you from getting across your brands vision. We find this is one of the main reasons some brands decide to re-platform, and to be honest, it’s really not necessary! Unless you invest in a completely bespoke system, every platform will have its limitations. And we’ve seen time and time again companies who have re-platformed only to find they still struggle to create the pages they want.


Resources and time go hand-in-hand, especially for smaller brands. Teams are small, and time is limited, and that means creating content pages will always take less priority.


But all of these issues can be resolved using software outside of your CMS.


For the last few years we have been working with our partners at Zmags, to help brands bridge the gap between the site they have and the site they want. Imagine a blank white canvas, where you can put any content you choose on the page, in whatever layout you want, plus make it interactive. And what’s more, it can be published without a developer or code, and be live within 5 minutes! And if you need to make any changes they can be turned around and published within minutes.


Creator at Zmags allows brands to produce creative content, at a fraction of the cost of re-platforming, and has totally bypasses the lack of resources and time issue.


We’ve worked with the likes of Brora and Vivienne Westwood to produce creative content with Zmags with great success. When Vivienne Westwood were struggling to live stream their catwalk show, Zmags Creator allowed them to create a page that not only live streamed the show across the world on all devices, but also show additional content on the same page. Something they were unable to do with their CMS.


Understanding the customer journey is perhaps a subject in itself, but to lightly touch on it; with email marketing, and social marketing becoming more engaging, more targeted and more creative, it’s now more important than ever to understand your customer journey. You want to keep them engaged from start to finish with seamless interaction.


There’s little point having a creative email campaign that tells part of a story, to then simply go through to a product listing page or even a product page. At Pimble, we see that as an easy option and, quite frankly, lazy marketing. What we want to see is that click through go on to a page that continues the story, one that highlights the product further but in an exciting and engaging way.


Your aim is that by the time the customer does land on the product page, they are already so invested buying is a no brainer. Or even better, make the page so good that they don’t need to click on the product page to make their purchase, they buy directly from the creative page you’ve made!


We’ll go into more detail on the customer journey in our next post, but if you’re struggling with your creative content and would like some advice or help, send us a message and we’ll be happy to walk through the challenges you may have.  We’ll help you find a solution that’s right for your website.