Could Adobe acquiring Magento cause an e-commerce shake up?

No doubt everyone heard the news emerge at the end of May, that Adobe is to acquire Magento. The announcement created a definite buzz within the industry as to what this could mean for the future of e-commerce.

So to look at the main players – on the one side you have Adobe. They are undoubtedly a leader in design creation and digital experiences. Their Creative Cloud is widely used in the industry, providing a variety of creative apps and cloud services that produce a range of engaging content.

On the other you have Magento – thought of as innovators in providing cloud commerce and one of the world’s most popular commerce platforms. Supported by a vast network of technology partners and developers, Magento’s flexibility gives businesses the power to boost sales in a way that truly suits them.

Separately they are both worthy players in their respective arenas. But there’s no doubt that by acquiring Magento, Adobe has gained the e-commerce platform that they have been missing. And for the team here at Pimble, this will be an interesting merge to watch.

And what will it mean for the other players in the game, such as Shopify, who offer solutions to the smaller e-commerce clients. We can’t help thinking that this partnership will force everyone to up their content creation and management game.

We’re always talking about today’s approach to e-commerce and how it is constantly changing. The demand to be able to create powerful customer experiences is high. Adobe are one of, if not THE best, at creating content – experiences that consumers love and respond to, but up until now, making the transition from customer experience to a commerce experience have faltered.

With the addition of Magento’s commerce abilities, this could mean that customers may finally get what they have come to expect – that every experience can be a shoppable one? The online shopping experience is no longer thought of as just a way of consuming products, it has become a form of entertainment. And with this new partnership in the making – being able to shop from any kind of customer experience could be more of a reality than ever.

We can only wait and see. We’ll be watching with interest to see what developments the collaboration will bring to the industry and, in particular, to our own clients.