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Pimble is a team of e-commerce and digital marketing experts with more than 60 years combined experience of digital transformation.

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Build. Inspire. Connect. Engage.

Our mission is to use our industry experience, insights, connections and technical know-how to improve your ability to trade online and engage with your ideal customer.

what we do

Pimble offers a range of managed digital solutions and services that support your in-house digital & e-commerce teams to deliver an end-to-end digital campaign.

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Pimble Fashion

Pimble Fashion

Build and manage product, collection and material data in a fraction of the time within Pimple Fashion. With its website, EPoS and ERP connectors and integration digital line sheet distribution as standard, missing product data is a thing of the past.

Pimble Connect integrates e-commerce, EPoS and CRM systems

Pimble Connect

Pimble Connect integrates e-commerce, EPoS and CRM systems building a complete picture of your customer and product across all aspects of your business.

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Performance Improvement & Mentoring

Pimble offers mentoring programmes that inspire and build confidence in your existing e-commerce and digital marketing teams, and workshops to help you define and scale your digital transformation strategy.